Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Onwards and Heywards

The opinions I've read are mixed on the recent trade sending Heyward to the Cardinals for Shelby Miller. I'm conflicted with how I feel about it, too. They say you can never have enough good starting pitching, so I'm down with adding another young starter to the rotation. But wasn't a failure to score runs a big part in the struggle in the 2nd half for the Braves? Heyward was one of the few guys getting on base with regularity.

I admit in my recent return to the baseball card hobby that Heyward wasn't a guy I targeted for my collection (I only have two cards of his). It isn't because I don't like him as a player. He plays great defense, he hits, and seems to be a likable guy. On my list of Braves, I'd pick his cards up before Justin Upton and others. I guess my focus has been on a few guys, and mainly Freeman from the current group, because of times like this. Player movement is just so frequent that you become invested, and then they're gone. I picked up my first card of Tommy La Stella a couple weeks back, and a few days later he's traded to the Cubs.

So from a hobby perspective the Heyward trade doesn't bother me, but as a fan of the Braves, you hate to lose guys like this. I feel like a breakout is coming for Heyward on the Cardinals, and even if he doesn't sign with them long-term, that will hurt as a Braves fan. 

What's your take on the Heyward trade, and to the Cardinals fans out there, how are you feeling?