Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yes, I'm Writing About Heritage Again

I was flipping through my binder, which needs to expand into three binders by the way (Braves/Orioles/Other), and I realized I only owned 3 cards from this year's Heritage release, and none of them Orioles. This. Had. To. Change. And so in my latest package from Just Commons, I got a start on an Orioles team set. 

I can't get enough of these cards, not the Orioles home uniforms, not the Orioles banner waving, not the staged poses, not even the beautiful blue sky.

First cards in the collection of Gausman, which can be expected as he only appeared in the majors starting in 2013. But J.J. Hardy? I guess I didn't see Hardy as someone who would be sticking around, but with a three year extension, appears I was wrong.

I like Heritage so much I couldn't stop at the major league release. I had to dip into the Heritage Minors set as well, picking up my first card of Tommy La Stella, Atlanta's likely second baseman going into next year. La Stella was 2nd on the team in average with runners in scoring position in 2014, second only to Jayson Heyward, per this article.

Christian Walker got some at bats in Septembers for the Orioles, after playing 95 games in AA Bowie and 44 games for AAA Norfolk. He hit a combined 26 homers in the minors and looks promising.

I've got my eye on some other cards from the Heritage Minors set, so those may show up here on the blog soon. La Stella also has a card in 2014 Update.

Something tells me I'm not done with the 2014 Heritage set yet.


  1. Is it cheaper/more economical to get a team set like this from Just Commons as opposed to, eBay, or some other team-set-selling location?

  2. Once you hit $10 on Just Commons you get free shipping, so I will wait until I have at least $10 of cards in my cart before I purchase. As an example, the total for the cards in this post was $1.51, with the Minors cards making up $0.80 of it. The downside is they may not have every card from a set. What has kept me from making similar purchases on ebay has been the shipping costs.

  3. I'm sure I'm not the first person to observe that this year's Heritage will be the last with a design worth looking at until 2020.