Friday, April 17, 2015

Delayed Wallet Card - Blizzard of 2015

Back around Christmas, I requested two tickets to the Late Show with David Letterman. My wife is a fan of Letterman and has always wanted to go see him live in New York. I had pretty much forgotten about it when my wife got a call on a Thursday in January about tickets for the following Monday's show. When she got the call, she looked at me and asked- can we really just go to New York this weekend? I said if we could get the time off work then why not? So we booked a flight and hotel and were off the next day on our first ever trip to New York City. At this point there wasn't much snow in the forecast.

Here's McGriff's view from our hotel room, looking over Central Park:

I definitely missed a lot of #WalletCard opportunities on this trip, but I was more focused on seeing the sights on our first trip to New York. Maybe next time the Crime Dog will get into more mischief.

After we arrived in New York, the amount of snow in the forecast jumped to the point that a blizzard was being called for. We added another night to our reservation and pushed our return flight back a day.

We didn't get blizzard conditions, more like 8 inches of snow. So we just enjoyed a longer trip.

Some of the highlights:

  • Winning $100 on the Today Show by answering a trivia question about the Super Bowl.
  • Seeing David Letterman twice (and meeting Rupert Gee)
  • Going to two Broadway shows
  • Playing in the snow in Central Park
  • Seeing one of The Original Soup Man restaurants

We took a trip on the Staten Island Ferry and passed by the Statue of Liberty.

We went to the Top of the Rock and got some great pictures and views.

Here I am outside of Radio City Music Hall.

We wanted to go to a New York Rangers game but the schedule didn't work out for that.

We had an excellent trip and actually ended up lucking out as the weather allowed us to do way more than we would have otherwise!

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