Tuesday, July 18, 2017


There's no denying Chipper Jones is one of the greatest to wear the Atlanta Braves uniform. Being a Braves collector I have accumulated a decent number of Chipper cards despite not specifically calling him out among my player collections. Part of the appeal for me is he shows up in some interesting insert sets from the 90s that will give me an excuse to pick up cards from sets I otherwise wouldn't as I discover what I've missed from before I really started a baseball card collection in 2014.

And even though Chipper hasn't been retired that long, I remember getting goosebumps hearing his name announced during the only gave I saw him play in, at Turner Field against the Dodgers.

One thing I've been missing in my collection is a Chipper autograph. For my birthday back in April, my brother-in-law picked up a copy of Chipper's recent book, Ballplayer. While I've yet to read it, there's something special about this book outside of it being a birthday gift.

My brother-in-law went to a book signing and got the book autographed! Pretty neat item that I will hang onto for a long time.

I look forward to digging into the book and adding more cards of Chipper to my collection, particularly 90s inserts.

A few more Chippers that stand out to me from my collection.


  1. I love that edition of Sweet Spot. The faux ball stitches on the bottom are tactile-ly nice.

    1. Agreed on Sweet Spot. Miss brands like these, probably never to be made again.