Thursday, July 20, 2017

From the Binder- Rafael Furcal

While Rafael Furcal, a three-time All-Star and NL Rookie of the Year award winner, played more seasons on other teams than with the Braves, he was one my favorite Braves to watch.

The GameTime card shows more pixeled or blurry Furcal than clear Furcal. Neat design nonetheless. Always enjoy a good Heritage card, and this shot of a smiling Furcal is no exception. And while the 2003 Topps design isn't among my favorites, the Chrome version looks much better, especially with Braves cards. 

A few more cards here reminding me how much I miss Fleer brands, and mainly, card buying choices. The Gold Label ranks up there for me in my Fucal card hierarchy. Have always been a fan of the Gold Label brands from the late 90s/early 00s. Any opportunity to open a pack of Gold Label was a special treat, even years after release.

I have almost as many non-Braves Furcal cards as ones that show him in a Braves uniform. Gypsy Queen usually falls near the top of my mental set 'power rankings'. I've talked about the Flashback Fridays set in the center before. This is an insert set I wouldn't mind trying to complete. Chipper is the only Brave in the set. While I mentioned not being a fan of the 2003 Topps set, I quite like the design and colors on the 2006 set.

In the spirit of 2017 Stadium Club being released, here's a Furcal Stadium Club card from 2002. Pretty nice photo here. Safe bet that runner is out.

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