Monday, July 26, 2021

Sob Rock and Cards

I'm a man with more than one hobby, one of which is listening to music, attempting to learn guitar, and collecting vinyl records. One of the best guitar players out there, John Mayer, released a new album recently, and it was one I knew I would end up picking up. I like the 80s vibe and comedy in the marketing around this release. 

How does this record relate to a card blog, you ask? Well, what came to mind from listening to 'Sob Rock' while going through cards over the weekend was all the negativity around the hobby. 

Prices too high, can't find cards, the bubble's bursting, it's such a bummer. 

Ebay fees too high, buyer returned my item, grading takes too long, what's going on this Summer? 

Look at the lyrics and listen to I Guess I Just Feel Like while you're scrolling through hobby twitter and you might get what I'm talking about.

Well I'm here to tell you that the low-end collector over here is looking at the hobby in a different light, a New Light, even. 

While I'm enjoying the guitar riffs, the 80s sounds on the keys, the can't get it out of my head tune in 'New Light' and the retro look of this John Mayer album, I’m looking at everything that’s great about the hobby.

1) The blogging community is not going away. My involvement often comes in waves, but quality content from the baseball card blogging community is always there, and it’s awesome to see the friendships and support among collectors in this space.

2) I'm finding packs and boxes again, even if it's not in stores. I've been able to snag a few blasters recently from Target (box breaks to come) at normal prices, and while on vacation I even ventured to a local card shop that had some Stadium Club hobby packs in stock. 

This seems like an excellent progression for everyone, and especially the lower end collectors out there.

3) A few examples of cards I'm enjoying picking up these days:

Cards of my favorite players in sweet insert sets like this one, a Betts Warp Speed insert from 2019 Stadium Club. The good thing about returning to the hobby after a few years away is there's plenty of great stuff to see for the first time. And better yet, I picked this one up for a dollar. 

Cards of my favorite players on classic card designs. I never get tired of these types of cards. While we see them fairly often in flagship Topps, Archives and Heritage, I'm always happy to see current cards on iconic designs like this one.

What are your favorite things about the hobby? What keeps you collecting (and blogging)? 

Also, do you have other hobbies besides cards? I want to hear about them!


  1. My only other hobby besides cards is music. I'm into it more than ever these days. Not into John Mayer anymore though, but I did pick up his Room For Squares CD back in the day.

    Today's example of what keeps me blogging:

    1. Continuum is my favorite John Mayer album, and his album with the John Mayer Trio is great too.

      That tweet is about the best compliment you can get in the hobby in my opinion, well done.

  2. The "Nice Price" sticker is brilliant!