Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Better Late Than Never- to the Stadium Club Party

We all have changes we would make to the card industry if we were in charge. Make fewer sets, make less expensive products, make larger sets, put out more on-card autographs and get rid of stickers, these are a few things I wouldn't mind seeing. For all the things I'd like to change, there are several sets a year that card companies knock out of the park. Heritage for example. Come on, you knew that was coming. Even if it's hobby-only, Stadium Club is another one of those sets.

First the non-Orioles. Love this Freeman card with the team celebrating... a walk off hit, perhaps? With some other Braves stars being traded, I'm so glad Freeman is the one sticking around.

The best pitcher in the game, or that's what I'll argue, at least. 

Good luck on the Mariners, Nelson. They can certainly use the bat!

I've seen this one posted on several blogs, has to be one of the best photos in the set.

With losses of some outfield bats, the O's need Chris Davis to have a bounceback 2015.

Looking forward to seeing how Schoop develops over the next several years. Surely he can improve on his .209 batting average from 2014.

And this guy can't get back on the diamond soon enough. Need a big season from Manny to make up for some of the roster changes going into 2015. Hopefully he's back for opening day!

This is the real Iron Man, not some guy in a metal suit.

I'm close to an Orioles team set, only missing #83 Brooks Robinson and #177 Eddie Murray.

Stadium Club finishes 2nd in my 2014 set rankings, just behind 2014 Topps Heritage and in front of 2014 Finest. The card backs on Stadium Club aren't that exciting to me, but the photography is good enough to carry it to the 2nd spot.


  1. Love the Jones and Freeman cards. Stadium Club looks great, but being hobby only and low on Padres cards, I guess I've been a little down on it. I already picked up the Padres team set on eBay for a whopping 99 cents - a lone Tony Gwynn card. Hoping that they continue it next year and that there are a few more Padres. One of the reasons I love Heritage - it's retail, looks great, and has a big checklist.

    1. Surely they can fit more than 1 Padre into a 200 card set. The Braves may not have many current players in releases like this next year after the moves they've made this offseason.