Friday, January 9, 2015

Card Stacks Goals for 2015

Last Thursday was the first New Year for the blog, so I do not have goals to recap from 2014, but I will throw out some goals for 2015 so that I can see the progress I will have made on my collection in the coming year. Blog-wise, I haven't written nearly as much as I'd have liked, but I've accepted that the consistency in writing everyday will be there sometimes, and other times it won't. I am excited to see what the new year will bring, so let's throw out some goals. I'm a data guy, so putting numbers down where they make sense is important for me.

1) Document the cards I already have in my baseball player collections

It's hard to trade with folks when you can't provide specific want/have lists. This is particularly crucial for some of my larger player collections, such as the one for Ryan Klesko that likely includes 100+ cards. I'm also making it a point to add cards to my lists right when they come in, rather than adding them to the binder and going in after the fact to try to figure out what I have and haven't already added. Hmm, a number, I'll say I will try to document 100% of all 13 guys on my What I Collect page. This shouldn't be too bad in most cases as the collections are fairly small at this point.

Document your player collections or feel the wrath of nunchuck Klesko.

2) Sort the cards I have available for trade by team

While I'm documenting my player collections, why not go ahead and get the rest of my collection organized? I've got a bunch of cards from the 90s that I need to organize so I can get them ready to send to other collectors who will enjoy them more than I do, with them just sitting in a box in our bonus room. For the metric part of this, I will add a page to the blog for trade bait with the notable cards for all 30 teams.

3) Send out at least 20 packages/envelopes to fellow bloggers

I've done a poor job of reaching out to other bloggers, getting addresses and then getting those cards shipped out. The time I've been able to spend on the hobby recently has been focused on trying to establish the blog. In 2015 I would like to put an emphasis on helping others with their collections while also keeping my collection at a manageable size. 20 packages comes out to alternating between 1 and 2 packages a month. This seems doable for me, and hopefully I'll exceed this one easily. I've got several stacks of cards waiting to be sent out, but I've yet to get addresses, etc... Time to put more of a focus on this.

These seem like reasonable goals. I could add some others but I want to keep it simple this time and start by getting my collection organized. Glad to be here and thanks for reading and commenting. See you around the blogosphere!


  1. Now I have to find that Klesko. Great card...

  2. I have an oddball Klesko card I just picked up- from the 2003 Disabled American Veterans set. If you're interested in it, contact me at cornellsteven5 at g mail dot com.