Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One Homer is Good, Three is Bett(s)er

It has been fun following the young career of Red Sox right-fielder Mookie Betts. Hitting leadoff, Mookie is having his best season yet, and should easily surpass his 2015 totals for HRs and RBIs, and he's also leading baseball in runs scored to this point. 

On May 31st Mookie homered in the first and second innings against Kevin Gausman and again in the seventh against Dylan Bundy. As I was watching this game of course I knew there would be a Topps Now card for Mookie, and I knew that I would finally bite on the Topps Now series. 

Betts followed up the three homer game with a two homer game on June 1st, both of those home runs off of Mike Wright. He had his second Topps Now card released the following day. I went for the first but couldn't justify buying them in back to back days. Maybe I will find a good deal on ebay or elsewhere.

Nice card. Could I have found it cheaper down the road? Maybe, but glad it's in my collection.

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