Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Archives Braves, including a new Klesko!

After reading about the new Archives set all over the sports card blog world, I decided to pick up the Braves from the set for myself. It's rare that I just grab all the Braves at once, for a couple reasons. First, I enjoy the chase, even on a smaller scale of putting a team set together. Second, sometimes there are guys that I don't particularly need to have in my collection. In this case it's Hector Olivera, who I am thinking the Braves would cut ties with if they could get anything for him. But for the sake of getting them all, I did end up with the Olivera as you'll see below. 

Here we've got two pitching greats. The Niekro looks better here with this design, in my opinion. Can't go wrong with a new Smoltz, though.

These might be my favorites. Hammerin Hank and a new Klesko in the Topps 79 design. Did you know that Klesko was first scouted as a pitcher?

Here's the Olivera, who is showing up in just about every 2016 set along with Freddie Freeman. It's pretty rare to see current Braves outside of these two show up in sets this year. Would have loved to see Markakis or Julio Teheran in this set.

These are pretty sharp. I was three or so years away from my collecting start in 1991.  I will likely go and pick up some of the originals after seeing this Archives release up close. Chipper was my first baseball player collection. It's ended up being outclassed by Klesko and others, but it'll always be the original. And on Spahn, being a lefty myself, can't help but admire the man who has an award for the best left-handed pitcher in baseball named after him.

Couldn't help but pick up the lone Brave in this insert set, and I have to say, I wish there were more. Great card, and well done Topps on this Archives set! And if you could, stop including Olivera? He's a rookie, but he's not playing.

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