Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Green for Gypsy Queen

Quick rundown of the three packs of Gypsy Queen with a three card pack of green parallels I picked up from Target the other day.

Best of the base cards. When Kipnis is in the top three, it wasn't necessarily the strongest group of names. Kipnis is a fine player, though, of course. Just wasn't a star-filled set of packs. Glad to pull another Dansby. I've had pretty good luck pulling his cards so far in 2017.

Here are the three green parallels from the bonus pack. First Padres Margot card for me. Nice to see the former Greenville Drive outfielder having success in the majors. Also can't go wrong with a Bogaerts parallel.

I like these better than the retail parallels from years past. They don't have the raised border as in past years, which I am a fan of.

Here is the lone insert from the group of packs. Was excited to pull a Hand Drawn art (reproduction) card. Since it doesn't have his name on the card, this one is Rizzo.

I really like this year's design, and though this is usually one of my favorite releases each year, this set in particular looks like an improvement over the set from recent years.


  1. It is funny because consensus is everyone seem to like the base set more, but was pissed they got rid of the minis. Personally I'm not a huge fan of minis so I didn't mind.

    1. I am not upset with the lack of minis either.