Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two Donruss 30 card packs

I've enjoyed opening packs of Donruss in recent years, and this year is no exception. I like the number of inserts and parallels in these packs, which is usually five or more in a 30 card pack. There's also the slim chance of opening a variation card. I've yet to pull a variation from a pack but I'm still hopeful, whether or not it's warranted. Here's what I opened from my two packs.

Obligatory Lindor and Buster Posey. I'm getting these guys out of every product this year. Who wants cards of these guys? I've got some to send you!

Highlights of the base cards. Won't be upset pulling any of these guys.

I pulled 12 of these 1983 Retro Variations. I guess I did pull some variations after all, right? It's what these are called! Right?

In Heritage I pulled a Chris Sale SP. Here I pulled part of the other side of the deal, the new White Sox #1 prospect Moncada. The local Greenville Drive practically had a parade when he joined the team two years ago. Interested to see how he does when he reaches the majors this year.

I did pull a Diamond King. I guess this one technically isn't an insert, but I'm going to list it as one since I only opened one out of 60 cards. I still need the Markakis from last year, and the Optic version of it!

Rounding out the inserts, the two numbered cards in the break. I like the look of the Dominator insert but it's hard for me to get excited about the player. The Rose is fine. The grey border looks nice, I think.

List of Retro variations I opened:

Paul Goldschmidt RV-1
Freddie Freeman RV-2
Mookie Betts RV-4
Kyle Hendricks RV-6
Corey Kluber RV-9
Justin Verlander RV-12
Mike Trout RV-15
Albert Pujols RV-16
Ryan Braun RV-20
Khris Davis RV-24
Kyle Seager RV-30
Matt Carpenter RV-34

Saving the guys who fit into my collection for last!

The base cards- Machado and there's a Markakis base card. Markakis is batting cleanup right now in the absence of Matt Kemp. Come back soon Matt!

Spoiled my favorite two cards in the break from the list of Retro cards above, but I opened my top player collection guys, which is always welcomed.  I think I'm done opening packs of Donruss this year unless there's a series two.

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