Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Topps Heritage Blaster Highlights

Heritage is always one of the releases I get the most excited about every year. This year is no different.

My favorites from the base cards, including my first 2017 Heritage Brave. Colon has already made a positive impact with a solid start and win over the Padres. Nice to have a pitcher you can count on to pitch 6+ innings a game.

Here's one from the Rookie Stars subset, including Wimmers who I happened to see pitch seven scoreless innings in AA Chattanooga on a summer trip in Tennessee in 2015. That game also featured Miguel Sano. Here's a link to the Box Score from that game.

Two of the games young stars. Nice card.

I pulled two SPs from my blaster. They aren't 'special' variations, but they are SPs. Nice to see Sale in his new Red Sox gear.

Pulled a Chrome parallel of Posey. He along with Lindor seem to be the guys I am pulling out of about every product this year. Could be worse players to show up regularly.

I can't say I'd heard of Aledmys Diaz before pulling this card. I had to look up the card to find out who was featured on this card. 

And my first Benintendi. Hard to believe how fast he's moved up in the system, now batting second for the Red Sox big league club.

Speaking of Lindor... I'm a fan of this insert set. I know there's a Mookie out there I will look to pick up.

Johnny Bench I've also pulled in several products already this year. Pretty cool card here. The back of this card talks about Bench hitting a go-ahead RBI single and scoring as well due to two errors in left field.

And lastly I pulled six of these Topps News cards. While they look like inserts they are actually a part of the base set. The others I pulled not pictured here are Scherzer, Altuve, Kluber, and Syndergaard. Was pleased to see Machado and Kershaw. Another two cards added to player collections.

No luck once again on the variations, but it's fun to break hoping to pull them. 


  1. "Nice to see Sale in his new Red Sox gear."

    NO IT IS NOT!!!!

    1. Most people probably agree with you :)