Monday, April 17, 2017

Top Nine Cards from my 24 Card Pack of Opening Day

It's been hard for me to hold off buying at least a single pack of any new baseball product that shows up at the local target. Topps Opening Day was no exception. Even though the photo variations are rare, the chance to pull one makes opening packs fun. I'll go ahead and ruin the suspense. My 24 card pack did not have one. So instead of showing off a variation, I'll settle for sharing my favorite nine cards from the pack.

9, Nice shot of Dee Gordon avoiding a slide. One of the better action shots in the pack.

8. A card of a young star is tough to beat.

7. Mascot cards don't do a ton for me but it is one of the few inserts in this product, even though it blends in as if part of the base set.

6. A nice 'play at the plate' shot. 

5. One of my favorites because of the stone and ballpark name in the background. 

4. Lots of excitement going on in this card.

3. I really enjoy cards that show pitches from this angle. That in combination with a card of the former Cy Young winner gets this one high on the list.

2. This would be a sweet card to own for your respective favorite team, and/or if you attended that season opener.  At least this insert has a slightly different look from the base set.

1. Cotton candy at my favorite ballpark. No, I don't actually eat cotton candy and I haven't eaten it at Fenway so I can't speak to how 'Incredible' it is. But taking a closer look, is this actually cotton candy?? I'm not so sure. Looks like it could be bags of popcorn. So this slots at #1 due to the potential laugh it provides.

I do have a coupon for a free pack of this, although it will be a normal pack rather than a 24 card pack. So although I don't plan to spend more money on packs of this product, I will at least have another shot at the variations, even if it's a remote one.

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  1. That cotton candy is wicked sweet! (I don't really know that.)