Monday, August 18, 2014

Cut to the Chase

I'm always on the lookout for insert sets that catch my eye, especially ones that contain cards of my favorite players, and insert sets that remind me of set designs from the late 90s and early 2000s. Cut to the Chase from 2013 Topps is one of those sets.  

In general I am not a fan of die-cut cards, but in this case I'll overlook it for the blend of colors in the background.  When I first saw a card from this set on another card blog (I'm sorry I can't remember which), I thought it would have been an insert from a Chrome or Finest product.  These type of insert sets are a big draw for me to open packs from the base Topps set.  I'm a sucker for pretty inserts and I would even take a nice insert over a ho-hum relic out of a pack in a lot of cases.  The written description on the back of this Machado card starts with the title 'Thrill of the chase', and is how many get enjoyment out of our great hobby.

Now that I have the Machado in my possession... must find the Ripken!  And why isn't Clayton Kershaw in this set? Would love to have an insert from this set in Dodger blue.  He could be chasing... I dunno... either of his CY Young awards? Pick one! Somebody please tell me I missed his name on the checklist.

While I go grumble some more about Kershaw being omitted from this set, please feel free to enjoy 'Cut to the Chase' from one of my favorite bands, Rush.

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