Thursday, August 21, 2014

From the Binder- Andruw Jones

I first saw Andruw Jones play for the AAA Richmond Braves in 1996 when I was 10 years old.  His first at-bat he hit a long foul ball to the left of the foul pole, just missing a home run.  His next at-bat he crushed a homer out of The Diamond.  If I remember correctly Jones only played one more game after that one in Richmond and was called up to Atlanta.  Andruw was in the World Series lineup against the Yankees that October, hitting home runs in his first two at-bats. He finished his career a 10-time gold glover and 5-time all-star.  Let's get to the cards.

The 1997 Metal Universe card was the first Andruw Jones card in my collection. 11 year old me thought this card was just too cool, and I don't disagree with him.  Andruw is tracking a fly ball on another planet, it appears.

The 1999 Ultra in the center shows Jones' athleticism and how he won all those gold gloves.  My favorite action shot of Jones.  What a leap!

This 2003 Authentix set has a great design with Jones sporting a retro Braves jersey.  I put together a complete set in the basketball version.

I wish the Stadium Club Chrome brand was produced longer than it was. The color on these cards make them look great in person.

It's nice to see players signing autographs for fans on cards, as Jones is in this 1999 Fleer Tradition.

Does Jones catch the ball on the 1999 Stadium Club card on the right?

Seeing Andruw Jones play in AAA is one of my favorite memories as a baseball fan.  It's awesome to see a player in the minors and then see them have success in the majors.  Who have you seen play in the minors that has gone on to be a star in the majors?  Did you suspect how good they would be at the time?

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  1. I think that the "play at the plate" cards are some of the best shots you can use, but the "at the wall" shots are pretty rad. That '99 Ultra card is a beaut.