Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How Baseball's Reeled me in

Hello baseball card blogosphere and welcome to Card Stacks Blog! My name is Ryan, and my first post will give a little introduction about me and why I created this blog, and how I've become a baseball fan once again this summer.

Anyone who knows me would say that basketball is my favorite sport and a passion of mine, and the NBA my favorite league to follow.  While this is true, there are certain parts of baseball that draw me in every summer in a way that no other sport can.  Baseball is the only sport where I can go to a game, and it doesn't even matter what two teams are playing, I will have a great time just the same.  Nothing beats a trip to the ballpark on a warm summer night.  

My wife and I took an awesome trip to Boston for our honeymoon, and made a trip to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play the Twins. Here is 'Pedroia the Destroia' from our seats, as we saw written on a t-shirt at Fenway. My wife does some great photography work.

We are also close enough to Atlanta that we took a family trip to see the Braves on Hall-of-Fame weekend.  I've been a Braves fan since I was young (the Orioles are my AL team).  Being in Atlanta that weekend was special.

My best and easiest subject in school was always math and I work with data and excel spreadsheets and calculations every day.  I play fantasy basketball, football, and baseball.  In the basketball head-to-head league I am in, the weekly results usually come down to which side has players with more games that week.  Football the games only happen (usually) one day per week.  Fantasy baseball is where I can really dive into the daily stats, most players play the same amount of games per week, and there's greater opportunity for finding gems out of the free agent pool.  What I am getting at is- baseball is the perfect fantasy sport for me.

I've collected basketball cards on and off over the years, and in the last two years I really stopped collecting, the main reasons being 1) the online basketball card community seems to be focused on high-end cards 2) Panini has an exclusive license on creating NBA cards 3) There is no blogging community focused on basketball cards. I tried a basketball card blog- Hoops Hobby. Readership and reader activity were low.  Not the sole reason for the blog, but community is a big part of it.  

And so I plan to make fairly regular posts as I build up collections of some of my favorite players and teams, while hopefully making some trades with the card blogging community! 


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere (or whatever they call it). Post a bit more about what you collect and what you are hoping to complete (or start) and the packages will soon begin. Have fun!

  2. OK, stupid me....Now I see the What I collect tab up there. LOL...I'm going to go check it now. Reading is fun-damental!!!