Friday, August 22, 2014

Mini Stacks

I have a love/hate relationship with minis.  I feel like a should acquire them for my player collections, but generally I would rather just have a full size version of the same card.  

These minis from 2014 Topps fit that description.  I enjoy the design of these die-cut cards, but I would enjoy full size versions of these cards more.  The Kershaw in particular looks great.  The gray text of Dodgers even matches the away jersey Kershaw is wearing and you get Kershaw in his throwing motion. The Glavine is fine but the yellow border is kind of blinding and doesn't fit with the Braves colors.  He's also staring right at the camera.

Speaking of Kershaw, I need to add more cards of the best pitcher in baseball to my collection.  He has been so dominant this year it's almost an automatic win when he goes out there.  I purchased through the end of the season, and a large part of it is just to watch Kershaw pitch every 5th game.  Last night against the Padres Kershaw went into the 6th inning without a hit before giving up a hit to the opposing pitcher, Tyson Ross.  When the crowd comes to the game hoping for a no-hitter, you know something special is happening.  A future post on Kershaw is coming.  Back to minis...

I did a double-take when I received a stack of cards from JustCommons without looking at a picture of the cards before buying.  I purchased a copy of Cal's 2013 Topps Mini and 2014 Topps Archives.  I was a bit confused as at first glance I thought I'd received a mini and full size version of the same card.

Same design used, two separate sets, different photo.  At least they are from different years, and the card from 2013 is an insert set.

I know I've read some posts on other blogs about minis recently.  How do you feel about minis from recent sets?  Do you collect them because you feel obligated to fit them into your collection, or do you collect them because you really like them?

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