Saturday, August 16, 2014

From the Binder- 90s Cal

As mentioned in an earlier post, while unpacking after a move a few months ago I came across a binder of Orioles and Braves cards from my childhood.  Much to my delight, one page was full of Ripken cards, which I will share with you now.  

I have always been a sucker for shiny, glossy, and chrome cards, so I was excited to see Cal's card from  1999 Topps Chrome.  It's currently my only Chrome Ripken, something that needs to be fixed.

The All-Star Connection card in the center looks much better in person than in the scan.  At first I assumed this was a regular Upper Deck insert, but then realized it was from Collector's Choice.  I opened a lot of Collector's Choice in second half of the 90s mainly due to affordability.  Upper Deck definitely put some inserts in there that I appreciate today. The base set design not as much, but at the time I was pleased to open any kind of packs.

At first I thought the 1999 Topps card on the right was a gold parallel, but it appears the base 99 set has a gold border and the gold parallels that we see today didn't start for a few more years, which I'm sure you readers already know. How obvious is it that I was paying more attention to basketball cards than baseball around this time in my life?

The first card in this row from 1996 Pinnacle is one of my favorites.  The back of the card notes that Cal won MVP awards in 1983 (sadly before I was born), and 1991.  Being awarded MVP eight years apart (and not missing a game in-between) is an impressive feat that certainly makes him worthy of being in a subset called 'Hardball Heroes'.

The only comment I have on the middle card,  is I've always appreciated the cursive font in combination with it being shiny, like an Electric Diamond card from 1995 Upper Deck, or Electric Court as I remember it from collecting Hoops.  Also, the card back says that Cal's hobby is basketball and his favorite show is Seinfeld.  It's like we're the same person!

Rounding out this row is a card that at first glance I recognized as from a Z-Force set, but is actually listed as Skybox Circa Thunder.  I always appreciated the inserts from Z-Force sets and I imagine there's some good ones from this Thunder product as well.

That's all for now- more Cal's to talk about soon!

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