Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Team Set Want list - 1999 Ultra

I've enjoyed collecting Ultra sets over the years, and although I don't have a desire to pick up complete sets, Braves and Orioles team sets give me a taste of set collecting without picking up hundreds of cards.

Last month I posted about a stack of Andruw Jones cards in my collection, one of which is from 1999 Ultra where he has jumped up onto the wall.  Not only do I like the action shot in this card, but the text on this card as well.  I've decided 1999 Ultra will be the first team set I go after, for both the Orioles and Braves.  Here are the team checklists per


1 Greg Maddux
17 Walt Weiss
25 Andruw Jones
48 Andres Galarraga
71 Tony Graffanino
156 Chipper Jones
187 Michael Tucker
203 Denny Neagle
217 Greg Maddux Season CROWNS SP
242 Bruce Chen PROSPECTS SP
247 George Lombard PROSPECTS SP

The only one I can mark off the list is the Andruw Jones.  All others will go onto the What I Collect page.  My only complaint with this checklist- where are Glavine and Smoltz, while Denny Neagle shows up on the checklist instead?  

I would just say I'll go after a different year instead, but this is my favorite Ultra design.  Plus, the Orioles checklist for this year is great.


16 Brady Anderson
83 Cal Ripken, Jr.
96 Mike Mussina
105 Scott Erickson
114 Eric Davis
123 Armando Benitez
143 Rafael Palmeiro
177 Roberto Alomar
213 Cal Ripken, Jr. CL
243 Ryan Minor PROSPECTS SP

Two Ripken cards, Alomar, Mussina, and a personal favorite of mine, Scott Erickson.  Was this team particularly great on the field, no they weren't.  But it's a team I enjoyed watching in my childhood, and that's good enough for me.  The only guy missing here that I feel like should have been included is B.J. Surhoff.

So I will be looking to pick up Braves and Orioles from this set, and likely other Ultra sets in the future (2004 and 2005 Ultra are my other favorites).

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