Saturday, September 6, 2014

Old Friends and New Friends

I appreciate a set where I can collect both current and retired players from my want list.  2014 Gypsy Queen is one of those sets.

Here we've got the new.  One of the guys helping to carry what little offense the Braves are mustering these days.  Freeman is leading the Braves in batting average, on-base percentage and hits.  If he can add 2 more home runs to his total he will have hit at least 20 home runs in each of his full seasons in the majors.  I tried to see who else may have accomplished this but apparently my googling skills aren't good enough.  

Machado is out for the rest of this year, a seemingly large blow to the Orioles' chances at making a deep playoff run.  However the Orioles seem relatively unaffected by this loss.  They keep rolling along towards the playoffs with a big lead in the division.  Surely his loss will be felt in the playoffs, though.  Looking at this particular card, it is by far my favorite base card that I have in my collection thus far.  Part of it is I really enjoy the away gray jersey, but also the background colors look great in this one.

And my baseball heroes from the 90s.  The back of the Maddux notes that he has the 2nd (1.56) and 3rd (1.63) best live ball single season ERA, behind Bob Gibson (1.12).  If Clayton Kershaw keeps pitching the way he is, he might have a shot at that 1.63 mark.  But what incredible numbers.

Another 2014 Ripken to add to the collection.  The back of this one notes that Ripken is the Orioles all-time leader in home runs by 88 and RBIs by 388.

This is the first card of 2014 of Smoltz I've picked up.  He also has an A&G short print and Pastimes Pastime insert card.  Although the insert set isn't my favorite, both of these cards are on my 2014 want list.

In the past I've cracked some packs of Gypsy Queen and although I do enjoy these cards, I think I'll be content to stick with these from my favorite players, and maybe pick up some additional Braves and Orioles from this set.

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