Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kershaw's Possible MVP Season

Clayton Kershaw is 18-3 with a 1.67 ERA.  How ridiculous is that?  Pretty much every pitching stat is a career best for him this season, and he's only 26 years old.  His win/loss percentage is .857

When looking at the all-time best ERAs for a season, Kershaw's 2014 campaign shows up 79th on that list, which sounds good, but when you take out anyone pre-1968, you get a number of seasons you can count on one hand with some room to spare.

Kershaw has been a pleasure to watch this season, and every season for that matter, and he's why I tune in to watch the Dodgers at least every 5th day, even if it's not live, and even if I'm doing something else with the game on in the background.  

It also makes me wonder why more collectors don't seem to value Kershaw like they value other stars like Trout.  Is it a position player/pitcher thing?  I'm OK with it as a Kershaw collector, by the way, just don't really understand it.

Here are some of the first Kershaw cards I added to my collection, all 2014 versions.  My favorite is the 2014 Heritage.  I will definitely be putting some team sets together from Heritage.  This is probably my favorite set from 2014 so far, even ahead of the shiny Chrome.

Here's a 2013 die-cut insert from Bowman Platinum that I picked up in a batch of cards from Just Commons recent.  The back of this one talks about Kershaw developing a slider that has turned into his best offspeed pitch.  Could it be his curveball now?  

I heard Kershaw talk to Colin Cowherd recently on the radio and he seems to be a humble guy who really has not let success get to his head.  It was also interesting to hear about his routine and how he prepares.  You can listen to the interview at this link.  Of course I'll be cheering for the Braves to make the playoffs and go far, the Orioles to go far, but if both of those teams come up short, I'll be cheering for Kershaw and the Dodgers to win a championship.


  1. I love Kershaw, but I'm pulling for Stanton to win the MVP. His numbers do warrant serious consideration. Just imagine if he didn't spend some of April on the DL.

    1. Stanton would certainly be a worthy MVP. Hated seeing what happened to him the other day.