Thursday, September 4, 2014

Old, but still Finest

Getting back into the loop in the baseball card hobby, there are several recent sets I've been impressed with. 2014 Finest fits that category, others are 2014 Heritage and the inserts from 2014 Topps Chrome.  Of course I have ended up picking up a little bit of every recent release, even if it's just a base card or two of a favorite player.

One blog post in particular from the Night Owl caused me to pick out a few older finest releases and see what I could pick up on the cheap that hit my want list.  The 1995 release in particular reminded me of this year's set.  And luckily for me, several of my favorite players show up on the checklist.  I decided to opt for some of the easier cards to pick up of former Braves, Smoltz and Klesko.

With protective coating still intact, the design looks to incorporate the baseball diamond, with the overlapping circles and corners of the diamond being the base pads.  Would like to have seen more blue in the background of the Klesko, but I understand the design is to make the background look like the field.

I appreciate cards that show a player image on the backs.  The designs of these card backs use space quite well.  One thing I found interesting was the Smoltz says Atlanta Braves near the top while the Klesko just says Braves.  I assume this is a difference between series 1 and series 2 releases.

Now to pick up some 2014 Finest!

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