Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Getting in on Chrome

Everyone seems to be ripping some packs of the newly released 2014 Topps Chrome, and I got jealous. And so I ended up with a rack pack, hoping for some Braves, Orioles, maybe a Kershaw.  I've learned from busting boxes and packs over the years not to expect anything special, to enjoy busting the packs, and if anything comes out of it, well that's a nice bonus.  Right, so let's see some Braves, Orioles, and Kershaw!

Well in the pack of Orange Refractors we've got two NL East rivals and a Yankee. Pretty much the opposite of the start I am looking for.  Hopefully these cards will find a nice home out there.  Onto pack one, surely a Brave or Oriole will greet me there!

We've got a couple rookies, a Pirate, and a Zack Greinke from my 3rd favorite team, the Dodgers.  Onto pack two...

Another couple rookies, including Springer who I've got stashed on the DL of my fantasy baseball team, maybe to keep at $1 for next year. But the Refractor? Matt Cain from a team standing in the way of the Braves in the wild card race.  11 cards in, 11 cards up for trade!  Onto the last pack...

 Two AL east rivals and a rookie.  5 rookies in 3 packs, is that normal?  One more card in the pack, and luckily it left me with a smile on the my face...

I knew it, a Kershaw insert! This means I've got luck on my side and I should go out and bust more Chrome, right?  Or maybe I should stop while I'm feeling good.  Yeah, I'll go that route.  Until next year, Chrome.

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