Monday, September 1, 2014

Such a Thing?

This past weekend my wife's best friend and her husband visited us from out of town for some baseball watching, college football watching, an apple festival and a picnic by a creek.  If that sounds like an awesome weekend, it was.  If that sounds like a tiring weekend, it was. In between these activities we managed to fit in some board games, one of which a game called 'Such a Thing'.  The way the game is played is that everyone has a handful of cards with a statement on them, such as 'Is the size of an average house cat', or 'Is heavy, very heavy'.  You start with a card from the draw pile and then each player has to add a card to the list of statements.  And each time you have to come up with an object in your head that meets the criteria listed on the cards that have been played.  When it's your turn to play, if the player ahead of you thinks you don't really have an object that meets the criteria, they can call you out and make you share your object with the group, having to draw additional cards if that if you do really have an object in mind.  To win the game, get rid of all your cards.

Longer a description than I wanted, but I move on... Thinking about the game this morning and remembering some of the cards that were played, I realized something...

'Is smaller than a bowling ball'


'Would be ruined by water'


'Would completely burn in a fire' 
(we assumed this meant, would burn to ashes)


Do you see what I'm thinking of here?  My Cal Ripken collection, of course (or any baseball cards).  Let's see if we can apply a few more.

'Can be brought out when company comes over'

Starting to push it a bit, but that would be my kind of party!

'A small gift for the president when in his company'

I hear the president is a sports fan, and who's going to turn down Ripken cards?  Still stretching it, though.

'Would dramatically change the way we live if this did not exist'

Winner! Some of the card blogosphere could probably make an argument for this one!

We had a fun time arguing for our objects we had in mind.  My wife ended up winning the game while I came close but had to draw some cards when I had to play the card that read 'Is mentioned in a poem or song that I can perform right now'.  I tried, but it was ruled I couldn't make up a poem on the spot.  So close, though. 

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