Monday, September 8, 2014

The New Donruss Set

A recent Donruss basketball release from Panini is actually one of my all-time favorite basketball sets, believe it or not. If you're curious, check out a link to the set checklist and images.  I opened several boxes and found some great cards, nicely designed base cards and rookies, creative inserts, and a box with relics of Magic Johnson and John Stockton.  So when I noticed Panini has put out Donruss baseball sets, I expected a similar result.  I've read some not so positive reviews of this product, but I was able to pick up some cards of my favorite players on the cheap.

These three actually look pretty good, the Orioles in particular.  The orange on the sides at least distinguish these cards from those of other teams.  The 'Baltimore' text at least resembles what is written on the Orioles away jerseys.  Now that I'm looking at them closer, I can get behind these three.

The two Freeman base cards look pretty similar from Series 1 to Series 2.  There's also no red at all in these cards, which makes these not actually look like Braves cards.

Same photos from the cards above.  But the things that I liked about some of the base cards, the colors, don't show up in the Donruss Elite cards.

While this set doesn't compare to the basketball Donruss release, I appreciated adding cards of my favorite players to my collection.  Looking at a checklist and insert images, some of the inserts do look more enticing, the Diamond Kings insert for example. Now to add that Freddie Freeman insert to my collection!